Hootieslist.org is an online application created solely for the use of the parents and students of The Overlake School. This site was created to help buy and sell used textbooks to each other. This is not an online transaction site, rather a way to find someone who wants to buy or sell a particular textbook.

To start browsing, click Buy A Book. To post a book for sale, you must first REGISTER an account and e-mail address on the system. After you've registered and your e-mail address has been verified, you can post your books for sale or browse the available books . As a non-profit school, please no transactions on school grounds.

This is a parent run site, sponsored by the PFSA, to use the resources we already have in the community, to keep costs down and get you the materials you need for your (or your student’s) Overlake classes. For questions please email hootie@hootieslist.org.

Thanks to the Green Grant whose support got this project off the ground. Also special thanks to Lunaura Hassinger and Bennington Purcell, who made it happen. And lastly a big thanks to The College Preparatory School, Edwin Kirimi and Elizabeth Fong for their support in sharing their idea and code.

CPS Book Sale tool (c) 2005 Elizabeth Fong